OLB Group Announces Cloud Application Development for the ShopFast Application Portal in 2010

CAFE — Cloud Application Fostering Environment Q1, 2010

NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OLB Group, Inc. (OTCBB:OLBGNews), an e-commerce service provider offering software products and services designed to help businesses sell products over the internet, announced today that the company is launching a new portal within its existing site framework to provide testing and development, code and data repositories for products and freelance software developers working to build next generation cloud application software.

Available first quarter 2010, the SHOPFAST Cloud Application Fostering Environment (CAFE) is to provide cloud-based storage for the subscribers’ products and images, sharing of the same applications and API’s processes. Additionally, the application may be used for the rapidly maturing technology area now commonly referred to by both press and industry as “Cloud Computing.”

Ronny Yakov, CEO of OLB Group, said of the offering, “Our site is designed to put providers of services together with those who need those services. As we asked ourselves how exactly ShopFast could contribute to this rapidly moving space, we decided that we could address a significant need by providing a live products environment for the store owners and their clients, providing the cloud based storage space.”

During 2010, CAFE will be providing 10GB of cloud-based storage for a free trial to all current registered members and new members who join ShopFast.com. CAFE will not require any long term subscriptions or commitment and can be cancelled at any time — this should allow users of the service to test their applications as needed without incurring unreasonable start up or recurring monthly costs.

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