For more than ten years, Los Pollos Cuban Bakery has been operating in the San Diego area, serving up its Cuban pastries and signature dishes to workers at nearby offices and catering corporate events and weddings. All that came to a halt when the county health department ordered a temporary shutdown. To reopen, its owner immediately started researching ways to pivot to a takeout and food delivery service.

“We needed to transform our business overnight if we were going to survive,” said Guillermo Gomez, owner and operator of Los Pollos Cuban Bakery in Chula Vista, California.

A famous Los Angeles to Vegas pit-stop in Yermo, California, was also impacted by the pandemic. Guests worried about contracting the virus when visiting the fast-casual counters at Eddie World for sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, snacks and other concessions.

“We had to implement new cleaning protocols to make customers feel safe,” explained the owner of Eddie World, Alex Ringle. “One of the most important decisions that we made was to overhaul our cash registers so that customers can pre-pay online.”

While switching over to contactless terminals where customers could tap their credit cards to make the payment, Eddie World discovered a new array of tools offered by OLB Group that opened new revenue opportunities. They could now sell gift cards online that seamlessly worked with their in-store payment system.

In the past, business owners were set up with payment terminals that provided nothing more than payment functionality. They had no access to payment history or analytics. OLB Group identified this knowledge gap and developed Omnisoft, a cloud-based business management platform with data-rich shopping cart solutions. Whether the transaction is completed on a desktop computer, iPad or cellphone, businesses like Los Pollos Cuban Bakery and Eddie World can track all transactions, past and present, in real-time. They can see what is being sold and make immediate adjustments to inventory and marketing campaigns.

In fact, 8,500 merchants nationwide now turn to OLB Group to develop and host e-commerce websites that come complete with transaction processing, order fulfillment, customer service, and sales reporting. Unlike its competitors, OLB Group can also instantly broaden the shopping experience on these websites by providing turnkey access to a proprietary database of millions of additional products.

All this has been achieved under the direction of the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, Ronny Yakov. With over 25 years of e-commerce software and development experience, he is credited with the development of an in-house e-commerce platform used by 180,000 AT&T employees. His roster of clients includes Fortune 500 companies like Lucent Technologies, Merrill Lynch, Reebok and Scholastic.

“We help to improve merchant’s profitability and efficiency by adopting online, in-store, mobile and contactless solutions,” said Mr. Yakov to underscore the company’s value proposition.

OLB Group has developed an entire suite of tools that includes a website builder, marketing tools, POS systems, gift and loyalty card programs.

“Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a nutrition store, an automotive repair shop, or a law firm, you can partner with us and find all the right tools and services that you need to run your business,” explained Mr. Yakov.

Last year, OLB Group processed 23,500,000 transactions resulting in bookings of nearly $1 billion a year in gross transactions. Amid the global health pandemic, changes in consumer behavior and spending have propelled the transformation of brick-and-mortar stores to online websites. This catalyst is expected to continue fueling OLB Group’s remarkable growth.

Most recently, the company partnered with Aegis Capital Corporation and successfully raised $6.5 million to accelerate its growth plan through capital investments and acquisitions.

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